Tax Exemption Voucher Examples

Nevada County Assessors issue Tax Exemption Vouchers in a variety of different formats. The examples below will help you locate your Exemption Number and Type. See County Assessors for details on whether you qualify for an exemption.

You must present your tax exemption voucher at the time you register or renew your vehicle. Exemptions are not credited or refunded after the fact.

Online & Kiosk Renewals

You may claim your county-issued tax exemption when renewing your vehicle registration, including online and kiosk renewals.

You will be asked to choose the type of exemption and enter the exemption number. We will electronically verify the number and the amount with your County Assessor. The amount of your exemption will be deducted from your registration fees automatically.

If you renew online, there is no need to present the card at the DMV or mail it in! Keep it for your records. Thank you for using DMV online services.

Clark County

The Clark County Assessor issues only an exemption number. If you already have an exemption, you may call the Assessor at (702) 455-3882 to receive your number.

Nye County

Nye County Exemption Card

Storey County

Storey County Tax Exemption Card

Other Rural Counties

Many of Nevada's rural counties issue a tax exemption voucher similar to the one pictured here. If your exemption type is listed as "WIDOW(ER)" on the card, choose the "SURVIVING SPOUSE" option when renewing your registration.

Some counties do not issue a printed voucher. You must obtain your exemption number from the Assessor.

Douglas County Exemption Card

Washoe County

Washoe County has several types of cards.

Washoe County Tax Exemption Voucher 1 Washoe County Tax Exemption Voucher 2 Washoe County Tax Exemption Voucher 3